The Ageing of British Gerontology: End of Project Update

As part of this recently completed Leverhulme-funded research project, eight films, an electronic slide show, and a newspaper broadsheet-type publication are all now available to view. Carried out by Profs Miriam Bernard and Mo Ray, with Dr Jackie Reynolds, the project has explored the evolution of gerontology in the UK since the establishment of the British Society of Gerontology in 1971. Working with WatsOn Media, the filmed biographical interviews with 50 established gerontologists have been edited into a series of eight short thematic films. The films can be accessed on the project’s website ( and are titled as follows:
1. Introducing the Ageing of British Gerontology Project
2. Becoming a Gerontologist
3. To Be, or Not To Be… a Gerontologist
4. Building the Foundations
5. Gerontologists on Ageing
6. Do Gerontologists Ever Retire?
7. Gerontologists’ Collaborations and Connections
8. Gerontology Futures

Photographer, gerontologist and artist Sukey Parnell was also commissioned to produce a series of professional portraits of our interviewees. These images have been developed into a major electronic photographic exhibition, and also appear in a newspaper-type publication along with illustrative quotes from the interviews and information about the project and the participants. Both of these can be accessed on the project’s homepage at
Hard copies of the newspaper are still available free of charge and the whole exhibition (which also includes postcards, individual prints and display banners) is available on loan to other institutions and organisations. Please contact Professor Bernard at if you would like further details.


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